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Location & Property Map

Location & Property Map


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From Yarmouth NS:

Follow the "Lighthouse Route" 103.  Take notice when you see signs for the exits to Bridgewater. The most direct route to Salty Rose is to take Exit 12 and follow Route 3 along the LaHave River (take the right hand turn at the fork in the road by the Irving gas station).

This will take you through a commercial section in Bridgewater i.e. Loblaws Superstore, Sobeys and many fast food outlets etc.... If you are thinking about picking up groceries... this is the best spot.... you are about 20 - 25 minutes from Salty Rose.

Leaving Bridgewater, you follow along the river road towards Lunenburg, Take Note: when you drive through the little community of Dayspring or notice when you start to lose sight of the river, it's important that you, Turn right on Route 332, heading towards Riverport ..... follow the river to Riverport, cross the bridge and turn left towards Lunenburg.  Continue on for a few minutes to Salty Rose in Rose Bay

 #3299 Highway 332
Just in case of problems - our toll free #:877-766-4923

From Halifax, NS: approximately 1 hour 10 minutes
Follow Lighthouse Route 103 to Exit 11, turn left towards Blockhouse and go straight for 10 kms on Route 324.

 At Blockhouse, there is a four way stop ... continue straight. At the second four-way stop, (just outside of Lunenburg) turn right on Route 332  (following signs for Riverport) leading to a two-way stop.
(If you want to pop into Lunenburg to pick up groceries - turn left at the two way stop - continue for a few minutes and you'll see a grocery store on your right. To go downtown, follow the road to the monument and take a right ... (remember, your route, as this is the easiest way out of Lunenburg, as well).
Continue straight (on Route 332) for 11 kms (the road follows along the coast) and you will find Salty Rose in Rose Bay. If you reach, Riverport, you've driven by us.....any problems, give us a call ...902-766-4923.

P.S. please let us know, if you need directions from another location or any editorial comments on places to see or things to do as you make your way towards Salty Rose...

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